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Who we are

Following the booming of the real estate market, in 1985 The Nido Immobiliare was born in Sassari. Constituted by a staff who takes good care of market changes and innovations, and co-workers capable to get the essence of every wish and enrich it with own experience. With the years had accompanied their customers in the search of confortable rooms, suitable to every personal need.

We know that living and working in studied and realized rooms, made to order, contributes to give wellbeing and to get better the life quality.

From March 21th 2006 the Nido Immobiliare changes its main office, giving a sophisticated habitat where to keep every information in privacy and security, other than honest and warm advices.

New places born thanks to the creative partnership of Sannarredi S.r.l., from more than 40 years at the apex of internal design; the Studio di Progettazione & Design belonging to the engineers Roberto and Massimiliano Sanna; and the Beton S.r.l.

Thanks to these collaborations, the Nido Immobiliare is able to offer a wide set of choices to the customers: from rental to sale, from a new consulting planning to a study of restructuring, from the direction of the works to the implementation of them.

Nido Immobiliare Sassari: case affitto

Nido Immobiliare Sassari: case vendita


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